Coldwater Industrial Design is bringing the art and lifelong skills it takes to build small watercraft to inner-city youth in Baltimore. Not only are young people learning about how to create a wooden sailboat, kayak or paddleboard, they will actually participate in the iterative evolution of designs, test their theories, and experience hands-on computer-aided design (CAD) methods.

We are using proven designs by some of the best (and local) naval architects, as well as prototyping and testing our own variations. Our own designs are open-source, and will be made available to schools that want to experiment and improve upon them.

Our Line of Wooden Boats

Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP)SUPs




Our Future

One of our goals is to open a waterfront shop in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor where craft can be purchased, rented or used in a time-share arrangement. Coldwater Industrial Design hopes to have a completely youth-run customer-facing operation that bridges communities in one of the most vibrant and expanding parts of the city.

Contact us by email at or by phone at 469-360-3500