The Northeaster Dory

by Chesapeake Light Craft(tm)

From the Chesapeake Light Craft Web site:

 …Under sail the Northeaster Dory is fast, stiff, and close-winded.  Given the narrow waterline, the hull is extremely easily driven and jumps up to speed in light air—the acceleration is really noticeable.  Dory sailors comment on the surprising absence of wake, visible evidence of a low-resistance hull.  But like all dories, the hull flares rapidly above the water, so stability comes on strong as the boat heels under sail.

Coldwater Industrial Design builds the classic Northeaster Dory, an incredibly capable boat that can transition from row to sail and carry an astounding 800 lbs. of cargo. The Northeaster Dory traces its lineage to the old Nahant Dory of years gone by. This modern revision by John Harris uses modern Okoume marine plywood, fiberglass cloth and epoxy for strength while maintaining a weight of just over 100 lbs!


-image (c) Chesapeake Light Craft

Please allow six (6) weeks lead time for the construction of your Northeaster Dory.


To begin consultation for the construction of your Dory, email, or call 469-360-3500, and we will go over the exciting details.